AV Gear came to us over a year ago, looking for assistance in showcasing their brand to the world of Audio/Visual. The company buys and sells new, certified and refurbished AV equipment for the best price in town. The new owners of AV Gear came to us wanting to completely rebrand the company and create a new online store presence. After several months of studying the AV online retail world, it became apparent that this was no simple task but we were ready to take on the challenge.

AVGear.com Web

We developed AV Gear’s website to be a fully responsive e-commerce site where people can easily buy and sell equipment. Each available product features details and a photo so that the purchaser can feel comfortable about the quality of equipment they are buying. The site also links directly to their ebay retail store which expands the audience for those looking to buy and sell AV equipment. In addition to implementing strategic keywords to enhance the site’s organic SEO, we run a full Google Adwords campaign to increase the site’s traffic even more.

When initially tackling the rebrand of AV Gear, our design team worked closely with the new owners to capture their vision of what they wanted the brand to be. We created a standard that showcases a high level of professionalism so that consumers can feel confident they are dealing with a company they can trust.

Creating a full social media campaign for AV Gear takes a bit more strategy than most of the clients we work with. Our social media department came up with a marketing plan that not only attracts customers but keeps their attention by creating a perfect balance between informative and fun content.

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