Elite Motor Rentals is a vehicle rental company located on the Las Vegas Strip that caters to all who are looking for a Vegas attraction experience. Elite offers the Polaris Slingshot, a reverse trike with two tires located in the front and one in the rear which is available for rent at an hourly rate to drive up and down the Las Vegas Strip as well as full day rates to be able to take the Slingshot longer distances such as Red Rock Canyon or the Hoover Dam. Elite also offers a motorized scooter with the same hourly and full day rates.
Elite Motor Rentals already had a website and social media platforms established prior to us taking over their brand. We discussed with them that we wanted to take their vision to new heights by completely re-designing their website and implementing strategic marketing campaigns to meet the goals they were looking to achieve.

Our web team had a very specific vision they wanted to convey for the re-design of Elite’s website. The site is structured to inform and excite its visitors about the vehicle they are looking to rent. Not only does the site have information about each vehicle for rent and what the rates are, it has several GPS-guided tours Elite suggests to maximize customers’ experiences. Customers are also able to book and purchase their tour from the site. Additionally, our team implemented a very defined SEO both on the back end of the site as well as through PPC campaigns to earn Elite Motor Rentals the top positions on various search engines.

The main focus when creating the brand for Elite Motor Rentals was to pair the brand’s colors with very high resolution images of scenic areas in Las Vegas to create graphics for the site and social media platforms that are extremely visually appealing to those looking to rent a slingshot or scooter.

Our social media team manages the Facebook page for Elite Motor Rentals. The team creates enticing content and engages back and forth with those inquiring about rental rates and reservations. The team also manages the Google page, ensuring that all business information is correct and all reviews are responded to.

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