Herban Expo is a Cannabis business to consumer trade show that took place at The Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas during November 9-11th, 2018. With the cannabis industry rapidly evolving and laws steadily moving toward legalization, the intention of Herban Expo was to inform, educate and expose the newest products, information and trends in the market as well as break down the stereotype of marijuana by having hundreds of different types of exhibitors come and feature various products. These products include pipes, plant nutrients, grow equipment, clothing, extracts, payment processing systems and more, along with live art, entertainment and informational seminars.

Because this was Herban Expo’s inaugural trade show, our goal was a bit different when deciding to work with them. Not only did we plan to provide seamless branding across all marketing outlets but we wanted to assist with anything we could that was within our wheelhouse that would lead to a successful event and would turn into many more shows in the future. We then created a strategy to market, organize, sponsor and ticket the show.

Our Web team designed the site to be extremely informative and easy to navigate so that any exhibitors, sponsors and speakers looking to participate, could learn about all that Herban Expo is and are able to locate the appropriate contact forms to sign up. The site also features title sponsors, exhibitors who participated and a gallery of photos taken at the first show. SEO was strategically implemented on the back end of the site to capture the correct demographic of people who frequently participate in and attend cannabis-oriented events.

Our Design team worked hard while creating the brand of Herban Expo to ensure that it would convey the right message when exposing it to the public. The logo was designed to identify that Herban Expo was a cannabis-oriented brand but also show that it was a legitimate and professional trade show. The design elements that go into both the website and the graphics used on social media platforms are clean and concise to the brand’s standard so that there is complete consistency across the board.

Our Social team established a voice for Herban Expo to be one that was informative in regards to details about the show as well as educational for all who were looking to participate and attend. The team then strategically created content that would be engaging and fun to “build up the hype” and get people interested and excited. Of course, there is no trade show without sponsors and exhibitors so our team made sure to create content that included shoutouts and thank you’s to have more variety throughout each social media platform.

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