LASH DADDY is an Eyelash Extension company located in Las Vegas. Kai Kuzmik, the LASHDADDY himself, along with his team of elite lash artists (Daddy’s Girl’s) provide several types of unique lash sets to fit all different eye shapes and sizes! In addition to lash extensions, LASHDADDY offers Natural Lash Tinting as well as Lash Lifts for those who prefer not to receive extensions but would like to enhance their natural lashes.

When designing the new website for LASHDADDY, we knew we wanted to create a site that relayed the message of elegance and poise while still staying true to the brand’s playfulness. Our web team worked back and forth with the client on the entire vision of the site, from the way it’s laid out to how each piece of verbiage is written to ensure that end result was flawless in every aspect. Each lash artist has their own page on the site complete with a bio and a gallery of their work and their own Instagram account linked so that anyone who comes across the site can feel comfortable knowing they are going to get the best set of lashes for their money spent.

Our design team has a lot of fun enhancing the photos that our in-house photographer captures of all the different lash sets. The team makes it their mission to spend time on each and every photo and graphic that is on the website and all social media platforms to show the true beauty of how these lashes look. They have taken the website to a new level by showcasing the fun of LASHDADDY’S brand by making the site pop, adding live graphics and neon effects.

Our Social Media team wanted to create a voice for LASHDADDY that matched the brand’s fabulousness. The team creates content that is friendly and fun, yet engaging and informative to those looking to get eyelash extensions. In addition to showcasing the beautiful work that LASHDADDY produces, our team writes content that explains pre and post appointment care as well as what to expect during an appointment. The team spreads that content across all social media platforms that we manage for LASHDADDY and is quick to respond to all who engage on those platforms.

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