MedTatt, "Designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.", was created to help tattoo artist complete their masterpieces in an efficient and less painful way. MedTatt calms and soothes the area while you tattoo, it removes redness, bleeding, and swelling. It is the first of its kind to have an antimicrobial label, and mimic the body’s defense system. This product will change the way you tattoo.

We designed MedTatt’s website to be a fully responsive e-commerce site where tattoo artists and tattoo parlors can buy high-grade medical tattoo supplies. Our team has created an informative website that explains the science behind the products and why they are beneficial. Our web team worked vigorously to provide an extensive list of keywords to generate organic SEO for the site.

Our design team worked closely with MedTatt to create labels for all their products as well as the graphics for their logo and website. They have made sure that each and every asset stays consistent throughout the campaign and effortlessly conveys MedTatt’s brand.

Our social team has constructed a campaign to generate interest in the product and showcase the results of MedTatt products. We are constantly displaying beautiful custom works of art from various artists who use MedTatt products.

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