A Las Vegas Native, Tina Peetris is a retail executive at a leading prestigious resort. Tina has deep roots in the valley and by combining her affinity for the workplace and dedication to her community, decided to run for District 8 Assemblywoman in the Nevada General Election, 2018. Tina’s campaign circulated around her beliefs toward issues such as Nevada’s economy, taxes and state budgets, education, veteran empowerment, energy and environment and animal advocacy.

Tina came to us to expose her platform to not only the voters in her demographic but to the entire city, in hopes of creating awareness for what she stands for as a candidate of Nevada. We provided full brand management services for Tina to back up her platform and while she did not end up winning the election, the awareness she created was a win on its own.

Our Web team knew right away that Tina did not need an extensively built out site but one that simply showcased who she is and provided a clear message on what she stands for. The site was also built to be an e-commerce site to allow people to donate through it. The team implemented a list of particular keywords on the back end of the site in order to grab the right demographic Tina was seeking after.

While Tina had already had a logo, our Design team refined it to match the brand standards we created. Tina didn’t want people focused solely on which political party she represented which is why we incorporated both red and blue to accompany her main colors of yellow and grey. Each graphic utilized on her social media platforms is designed to tell Tina’s story and showcase the values she represents.

Our Social team scheduled weekly meetings with Tina to create each message she wanted to focus on. Content was written in first person to show sincerity and personalization throughout each platform. The team also created strategic campaigns to ensure that each message would be exposed to the correct demographics.

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