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May 16, 2018
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June 8, 2018

Using Influencers to Promote Your Brand

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Using Influencers to Promote Your Brand


Using influencers to promote brands has become a popular trend. Consumers are more likely to trust someone that they follow on social media to tell them what they want than for the company to. The best marketing is marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. Consumers do not want to constantly be bombarded by ads to purchase a product. 84% of brands have turned to influencer marketing in addition to traditional marketing efforts. Here are some helpful facts and tips to help you get the most out of influencer marketing.


There are three levels of influencers


  • A micro influencer has 2,000 – 10,000 followers. Because of their low levels of followers, they are often more connected and trusted by their followers. They often promote brands that they believe in and use. Consumers trust their reviews and engage with their content on a regular basis. They usually do not charge over $100 for a post.


  • A mid-level influencer has 10,000 – 100,000 followers. They can benefit your company more than a mega influencer because they are connected to their followers and often engage with them and stay up to date on what they would be interested in. They often charge $150 – $500 per post but you can negotiate rates by offering a high-value product from your company.


  • A mega influencer has over 100,000 followers. Most of these influencers are celebrities and often charge $1,000 or more per post. They have an extremely large reach but not a lot of engagements with their followers.


To get the most out of your budget I would recommend using a micro or mid-level influencer. They charge less, are dialed into their following base and are often more effective than mega influencers.


When engaging with a micro or mid-level influencer make sure your email stands out because they often get hundreds of emails a week. Provide enough information to get them interested but still leave them with questions so that they will be more likely to respond. Do your research make sure the influencer aligns with your brand. Know their birthday and make sure you reach out to them, they will feel special and a part of the brand. Personalization goes a long way in this line of work.


Utilize your influencer and repost their post onto your social channels and even boost this post. Make sure you ask their permission first and be sure to tag them. Influencer marketing could be the next big thing for your company! On average businesses are generating $6.50 for every $1 that they invest in influencer marketing.

So what are you waiting for?


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