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May 25, 2018
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Workplace Culture The Key to a Successful Company

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They say if you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life.


I believe this is true to an extent. If you love what you do but, you have a horrible boss or rude coworkers than you will be miserable at work. Workplace culture can make or break a company if your employees are unhappy and do not get along even the most brilliant plan will fail.


Most executives are naturally viewed in a distrusting and superior manner, which can cause employees to not share ideas or speak up when something is wrong. Going beyond what is required of a leader and taking the time to get to know employees and encouraging them to speak up can completely change the atmosphere of an office. A boss should adopt the mannerisms of a coach: supportive, trusting, firm, helping their employees grow, and realize their full potential. This could be difficult for larger companies to implement but a positive work environment can create a prosperous company.


At Sofa King Creative (SKC) during the hiring process candidates are being evaluated not only on their work and experience but, also if they would get along with current employees. This process assures that every employee gets along and creates a dynamic work environment.


Going to work no longer feels like a chore. Employees are encouraged to speak up and share their ideas and thoughts which has contributed to a welcoming, trusting and collaborative environment.  


The office is always full of laughter and music. Employees are always communicating and collaborating and, the executives always make everyone feel welcomed and celebrated. From birthday’s, holidays, work anniversaries, and company outings each employee is made to feel like they are a part of the SKC family.